Who is Digit vehicle tracking?

Digit is a proudly South Affrican business in excistence for a decade now. Digit specializes in high end fleet management and are leaders in fleet management solutions such as full tracking and telematics, live diesel monitoring and on-board camera surveillance systems.

Digit hardware is predominantly locally designed, manufactured and supported. VSS accredited & recovery approved and accepted by all major insurance companies in South Africa.

Appreciate direct service from an independently owned brach with no "call centres"

With total fleet solutions to suite any fleet from big to small, we will beat any product price VS performance on the market.

The Hardware:

We have sourced the world market leading product, from the largest mobile DVR manufacturer in the world that dominated more that 90% of the market around the globe.

This product is a high end mobile digital video recorder and is not to be confused with simple "dash cam's" as we know it.

  • Each M-DVR is enclosed in steel and aluminium which is tamper evident, flame resistant & impact resistant.
  • Each M-DVR comes with a standard lock and key to open and operate manually when required.
  • The M-DVR comes with 4 or 5 video channels depending on your model of choice.
  • Live streaming optio available for up to 5 channels.
  • RS232 port with various input and output triggers (optional).

The Software:

  • Full incident and event management.
  • Options to set up own alarms and parameters.
  • Email notifications when alarms are triggered or parameters exceeded.
  • Live video streaming.
  • Live tracking.
  • Full evidence centre, manage and save video incidents for disciplinary and CCMA hearings.

Mobile App:

  • Track and see position on map from 1 to multiple vehicles off smart phone or I-pad.
  • Select and view live video streaming.
  • Access to alarm centre and incident status information.


Yes we offer finance through a market leading 3rd party finance company. We will be happy to ficilitate an application fro you on your behalf. When approved & accepted they will pay for the hardware and installation upfront to us and you will pay them back the finance term over a typical 36 months. The finance rates offered are very competitive with added benefit of being a 1005 tax deductible expense.
Depending on what size SD card you choose to have fitted, how many camera's you have fitted, and at what frame rate they are set to record at. But in default settings whit a 64GB card you can expect 7-10 days of footage.
Yes it can, the MDVR has a built-in accelerometer, email notigications can be setup on the software to email you when breaking, acceleration and turning parameters are exceeded.
It will use data every time you log in and strea,. We have found that the average usage per system/client is 2-3GB per month. We hwever provide as standard a 5gb data plan per system per month which should be enough even fro heavy users.
Please do take note that we try and nurture and attitude of such that when we install anything on your vehicle, we will try our best to always leave a vehicle in better condition that what we found it in. We are not fans of rushing an installation but rather to do the installation with delicate hands, with as much care as possible. We will abandon installation if we are rushed or pressured in any manner as this is when things go wrong and installation quality pays a big price.

Depending on how many camera's need to be installed you can count on the following:
  • Mounting and wiring the M-DVR (1hour)
  • For every camera requiring fitment an additional hour can be added to the timeframe. For example if it's a 4-channel installation it will take MDVR 1 hour + 4 hours = 5 hours estimate time of installation.
In short yes, if anybody tries hard enough they can. However we have had instances more often that not were the driver tampers or tries to block the camera and gets caught on camera in the act!
The quick answer is yes. In most vehicles the in-cab camera is mounted on one of the side panels next to or on the windscreen, most trucks have curtains that closes and blocks the view for privacy purposes.

In events where the vehicle does not have a curtain we can switch off all or only certain cahnnels when the ignition is turned off, so the driver knows he has a certain level of privacy in the truck as long as the ignition is turned off.

A last option is mounting in-cab cameras at angles that only covers the passenger and seating area and not the rest/bed area in the truck.

Above options will vary from company to company depending on their policies with drivers as to what is allowed and not allowed in their truck. If no such policies exist, a common ground will need to be found between fleet owner and drivers. Installing cameras should be implemented as a positive add on fro drivers and not as a "negative enforcement"

4"Mr Driver, we are installing these cameras for your safety and protection such as to prove what a responsible driver your are" These cameras have the ability to prove your innocence when you may need it most.


Digit in partnership with Majority First Insurance affords you cover of all the central features of general insurance.